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The Adcorto Ltda Team specializes in solving problems, and now it is the turn of the FAUCETS, adcorto has added a new solution, and it is the payment to specialized cryptocurrency platforms.

Many times the administrators of the platforms find shorteners with a very high minimum withdrawal and in dollars and they cannot withdraw their money to pay their users. that's why added a new payment method followed by an extra low withdrawal minimum!



Micro Wallet
Minimum Withdrawal $1.50
Cryptocurrency Litecoin " Ł "
Payment time Daily

All payments for litecoin have a fee of 3% of the withdrawn value, this covers the commission of our intermediary.



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Hi dear user

If you have more than 3000 visits per day on link shorteners

you can reply this email

with your website and a screenshot of your

statistics on the shortener and you

you will receive a fixed CPM of $ 4.50

Higher CPM rates

Real-time statistics

Telegram group support

Excellent referral earnings