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Package Description / Country Earnings per 1000 Views
Desktop Mobile / Tablet
United States $15.0000 $15.0000
United Kingdom $8.0000 $8.0000
Turkey $7.0000 $7.0000
Germany $7.0000 $7.0000
Canada $7.0000 $7.0000
Finland $7.0000 $7.0000
Australia $6.0000 $6.0000
France $6.0000 $6.0000
United Arab Emirates $6.0000 $6.0000
Denmark $5.0000 $5.0000
Spain $5.0000 $5.0000
Kuwait $5.0000 $5.0000
Saudi Arabia $5.0000 $5.0000
Italy $5.0000 $5.0000
Norway $4.0000 $4.0000
Vietnam $4.0000 $4.0000
Mexico $4.0000 $4.0000
Brazil $4.0000 $4.0000
Worldwide Deal(All Countries) $3.5000 $3.5000

¡Get paid for each unique view of your link!



Trust is our motto

Adcorto understood that most shorteners pay very little by the visits from Latin America and that users are excited with a high CPM from distant countries where the target audience is not, That is why Adcorto has helped thousands of users to generate notable profits and with a reliability that speaks for itself.


After all, what's the point of spending months and months cutting back and then losing it all?

For this reason, Adcorto

1 ° We have a group on Telegram with active users where you can verify payments to our members

2 ° We have more than 8000 active members on the platform




We promise only what we can deliver

¿Have you ever wondered why payment rates are high compared to pages that have been in business for a long time?

Simply put, the CPM is equivalent to the number of ads on the page, the fewer ads there are, the lower the payment rate for the user, Adcorto has the perfect balance of Advertising = Profit and we hope to stay.